Job Ticket and Help Desk

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Wednesday - 17 July 2024

This site will provide a tool for Individuals, Organizations, or Small Business to enter, submit, and process Job/Project/Work Tickets and Help Desk Functions.

Help Desk tasks can be logged, assigned, and completed. Help Desk Technicians can receive issues from known or anonymous users. Known users can have their existing equipment recorded in the system including the equipments location, type, serial number, or inventory tag numbers. This information can be used to track trends.

Please pardon our mess while we work on this site.

New Stuff Coming New stuff is being added daily, so keep checking back with us for new and exciting features.

If you are interested in trying out the Job Ticket and Help Desk System, try our Demonstration Organization Code of "DEMO01" when registering a new account. Feel free to try our Demonstration User Name that allows access to all areas; User, Ticket, Help Desk, and Management. The demonstration user name is "Demo" with a password of "password" which includes Supervisor and Manager privileges. Unfortunately, while in Demonstration Mode, you can look but not really change anything.